Copwatch Report: Park Police enter Gay woods near Dupont

A Copwatch patrol discovered US Park Police shining flashlights inside the "Black Forest" woods west of 23ed st NW south of O st NW at approximately 11:20PM on May 18th, 2014. They seemed to be moving slowly, as if they were looking for something on the ground-or like they were in bear country, seeking to avoid startling anything more powerful than them. At about 11:38PM, the cops suddenly ran to their cars and left in a bug hurry, presumably responding to some other call. Whatever they were doing must not have been very important to them.There have been complaints for years from a handfull of condo buildings from which the woods can be seen about Gay men cruising the area, it is doubtful either this incident or the earlier incident of a DC cop driving without lights would have occurred without the constant whining from monagamous or straight condo owners in what was once DC's Gay neighborhood.If the last remnants ot Gay men cruising streets or woods near Dupont Circle ever do disappear, it would be advisable to re-asses every condominium and house in Dupont Circle for property taxes, as the neighborhood would become worth more to the wealthy. The removal of Gay men from the woods after dark is legally a reduction in the "crime" rate, and thus could particularly raise the taxable value of the condominum towers from which the woods can be seen. 

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