Fascist meeting at Woodley Park Marriot flops

From Thursday Nov 6 through Saturday Nov 8, the Marriot Wardman Park hosted the "American Priority" conference featuring among others Deporaball organizers Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich. Very little was pubished from the event other than livestreams of a few high-profile fascist speakers. By the second night, Twitter reports were calling it "a dud" and reporting that organizers spend $200K but very few people showed up.

One of the top livestreams was Jack Posobiec interviewing Roger Stone, who could be looking at prison time at Mueller's hands for his role in the Trump-solicited Russia/Putin interference in the 2016 election. Reportedly one of the panels was hijacked into an unrelated subject. In an ugly development, someone posted these works on Twitter: "Listening to the National Coalition for the Homeless at the @PriorityConf " with a photo of a speaker, implying that the speaker is from National Coalition for the Homeless. Why NCH would show up at this conference of Trump and"QAnon" conspiracy theory fans is unknown.

Original alert as posted below:

The Marriot Wardman Park in DC (@MHWardmanPark) is hosting the "American Priority" conference from Thursday Nov 6 through Saturday Nov 8. Keynote speakers include Deploraball organizers Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich, plus Laura Loomer. People are being asked to call the Marriot's events manager at 202-328-2000 and let them know fascists are not welcome in DC.

Aside from the notorious Jan 19, 2017 Deploraball, Mike Cernovich is infamous for saying shit like "The only rape culture is Muslim rape culture." He also has said "Do a Google image search for 'lions mating.' That's basically rape and it's also the natural form of sex." Laura Loomer is anti-muslim to the point that she has been banned from Twitter. Deploraball organizer Jack Posobiec is a conspiracy theorist perhaps best known for promoting Pizzagate and the Seth Rich conspiracy theories. He is also militantly anti-muslim. American Priority Conference speaker Lucian Wintrich once assaulted a woman after giving a talk titled 'it's okay to be white."

Shortly after Trump's Nov 2016 election, there was little public airspace between such figures as Posobiec and Cernovich and vocally anti-Semitic, overtly neo-Nazi/White Nationalist figures such as Richard Spencer. When the Deploraball was first announced, originally planned speaker Milo Yiannopoulos said it would look like this: "As guests entered the National Press Club, shirtless Mexican laborers would be building a physical wall around them. Instead of doves, Yiannopoulos would release 500 live frogs in honor of Pepe, the cartoon mascot of pro-Donald Trump internet trolls."

Shortly therafter came two pivotal events: The first was Richard Spencer's famous "Hail Trump" Nazi salute at the Nov 2016 National Policy Institute (racist think tank) conference at the Ronald Reagan building. The second was Baked Alaska's inability to limit his anti-Jewish rants in the interests of the alt-right's public image. Fearing for the Deploraball's public image (and maybe even Trump's), Posobiec, Cernovich, and MAGA3x banned Baked Alaska from the Deploraball. This is the origin of the split between the hard alt-right and the so-called "alt-light" which is best exemplified by Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec. The alt-light are still fascists, but they prefer to keep Pepe the Frog, the Kekistan flag, and the Nazi swastika in the closet rather than at the front of their events for reasons of public image.

Since the "Deploraball Split," the two sides have taken different but related approaches. The alt-light has its roots in the "manosphere" of rape legalization advocates (e.g.Roosh V) while the hard alt-right has its roots in efforts to move neo-Nazis out of skinhead garb and into suits and ties. Ever since Cernovich and Posobiec uninvited Richard Spencer and outright banned Baked Alaska(Tim Treadstone), Pepe the Frog, and the Nazi salute from the Deploraball the two sides have argued, to the point that on June 25, 2017, the two sides held separate competing rallies in DC. Both rallies pushed the same agenda, they just peddled it separately.

Now, the Wardman Park Marriot is welcoming pro-rape fascists who have a pre-Deploraball past with overt white nationalists into Washingtoon DC. They are inviting the conspiracy theorists who by peddling Pizzagate triggered an armed atack on the family-friendly Comet Pizza. They are inviting people whose reason for supporting Donald Trump is expliclty the racism and misogyny Trump is peddling to this day. They are inviting sworn enemies of the half of Washington DC who are not white, and they are inviting the sustained disgust of other potential customers.

WTF? A report that National Coalition for the Homeless was at the fascist "American Priority" convention.

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