Luke Kuhn rips down, burns Patriot Front stickers in DC

Video-Luke Kuhn removing and burning Nazi propaganda posted by Patriot Front 1 min 17 sec

Update 12-10-2018: ALL of the stickers Patriot front posted and photographed have been found and destroyed

On the 7th of December, members of the neo-Nazi "Patriot Front" posted several stickers on the backs of street signs in DC, then published deceptive close-up photos on making them look much larger. The next day Patriot Front held an unannounced march in DC. That night, DC activist Luke Kuhn followed the Gab posts to the offensive stickers, ripped them down, and burned the one that came down in large enough pieces.

The worst of the Patriot Front trash shows the outline of the portion of Turtle Island claimed by the so-called "United States" and claims "not stolen conquered." If the member of Patriot Front who marched in DC during the day had stayed for the evening only to have their cars or their wallets "conquered" by local residents, they might choose to accept that conquest and theft are the exact same thing.

Patriot Front is an offshoot of American Vanguard, which splintered after one of their members (James Fields) drove his car into counterprotesters against the Aug 12 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA. James Fields was been convicted of first degree murder for the death of Heather Heyer, and of 8 lesser charges for seriously injuring other counterprotesters. Some of his fellow Vanguard America members are still on the streets, so as fast as they post their racist trash on thin, gummy paper, others will clean it up.

Pro-ICE Patriot Front sticker burns. Note the presence of the fasces (symbol of Fascism copied from the Roman bundle of rods bound around an ax) above the eagle

Former location of identical Patriot Front sticker posted in a previous visit to DC and cleaned up by local citizens

Deceptive Patriot Front sticker makes no mention that they are white nationalists or played a role in the violence of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally

Pulling down deceptive Patriot Front trash

Burning Patriot Front's Nazi propaganda

DC activist Luke Kuhn prepares to remove anti-Indigenous propaganda posted by Patriot Front the previous night

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