Justice for Jakelin protest held at Customs and Border "Protection"

Video-speaker on what happened to Jakelin, laying flowers and bottled water for her on CBP's building 3 min 6 sec

On the 17th of December, pro-migrant activists gathered outside the office of Customs and Border "protection" to protest the death of a 7 year old Mayan girl from Guatamala named Jakelin in Customs and Border "protection" custody. Flowers and bottled water were left on the building at the conclusion of the rally.

Jakelin was 7 years old when she died in Border Patrol custody, possibly from lack of water. CPB claims publicly that her father signed a document saying she was in good health-but the document was in English, his native language is a Mayan Indigenous language and Spanish (in which the document was supposedly read to him) is itself a second language to him. The mainstream press has been trying to blame him and not CPB or Trump for Jakelin's death. Of course, the closure of all border crossing forced her father and all the migrants they were travelling with into a difficult desert crossing. Had Trump not declared that no applications for asylum (none at all) would be accepted at the border crossings, Jakelin and her father would never have been in the desert in the first place, as their intention was to apply for asylum rather than enter the US covertly and then go underground.

In response to a storm of public fury over the death of a child, The Department of Homeland Security has prohibited the border agents in whose custody Jakelin died from talking to MEMBERS OF CONGRESS about what happened. Clearly Trump and CPB are acting like they have much to hide, much guilt and shame to conceal and cover up in this case.

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