Rally at White House remembers murdered Brazilian activist Marielle Franco

Video: Protesters call out Brazil's far-right for assasinating Marielle and using her murder to threaten others 4 min 11 sec

On March 14, 2019, murdered Brazilian human rights activists and Rio de Janeiro city council member Marielle Franco was remembered with with a vigil at the White House. Protesters condemned Brazil's fascist President Bolsonaro who among many other crimes once gave awards to the two military policemen who have been charged with Marielle's murder. Protesters also displayed copies of a street sign remembering her that pro-Bolsonaro politicians have been photographed holding broken pieces of while threatening to break other opponents of facism and white supremacy.

All over Brazil, protesters ask "who killed Marielle Franco" and the question is often meant as "who gave the orders." Her name and image have become the polar opposite of Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters. She stood for human rights, womens' liberation, and GLBTQ liberation while Bolsonaro stands for racial hate, gutter misogyny, and violent hatred of any and all non-cishet people. Marielle Franco was Black, identified as Bi, and lived in a favela. In short, she was everything the fascists and far-right in Brazil want to wipe out, and she held public office against them.

As for who ordered the assassination, one clue is this: the bullets used by to kill Marielle Franco came from a batch sold to the Federal Police back in 2006.


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