Visit by Brazil's Fascist President Bolsonaro to White House draws protest

Video-speakers and picket against Bolsonaro's visit to Trump 4 min 8 sec

On the 17th of March, Brazil's new Fascist president Jail Bolsonaro came to DC to meet with his fellow Fascist Donald Trump. Protesters gathered in front of the White House to oppose everything he stands for: theft of Indigenous land, violence against people of color, women, and GLBTQ folks, and corporate supremacy.

Protesters picketed by the fence defending Blair House (where Bolsonaro is staying) between two rounds of speakers in Lafayette Square. One speaker at the rally said Fascists in Brazil took advantage of widepread chaos stemming from displacement and militarization the previous government used to clear physical and social space for the Olympics and the World Cup.Another said that Bolsonaro is so misogynistic that he called a Brazilian Congresswoman "too ugly to rape" and said he would rather have a son die in a car crash than have a Gay son. Bolsonaro is already trying to transfer Indigenous land in the Amazon to multinational corporations as fast as he can. Uncontacted tribes are now at risk of flat-out extermination and genocide.

Someone said it was no surprise that a man like this would meet with Donald Trump, and a speaker from DC's antifa group recounted the success of antifascists in driving the alt-right off the streets in DC but warned that the fascists inside the government (notably Trump) were now the main danger. At one point protesters against the fascist and Islamist (theocratic like Turkey or ISIS/Daesh) regime in Sudan joined forces with the anti-Bolsonaro protest and one of their speakers addressed the joint crowd.

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