Protesters show up at UK Embassy after arrest of Julian Assange

Video-the protest in front of the UK Embassy 1 min 40 sec

On the 11th of April, British police "forcibly removed" and arrested Julian Assange on an extradition warrant from the United Snakes after the government of Ecuador cravenly gave them a green light. That afternoon, protesters showed up at UK embassies all over the world. One of the protests was here in DC. Protesters are demanding that Assange (of Wikileaks) be released and NOT be extradicted to the US.

The British pigs used both Trump's warrant and the old 2012 bail jumping (seeking asylum in the first place) case. Julian Assange had good reason to defy the UK court system: if extradicted to the US, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison, possibly even some Supermax hellhole like Florence, CO. This is one of the facilities the US used to detain top-level opponents.

According to CNN, the US has added a new charge against Assange: conspiring "to assist Manning in cracking a password" on military computers, presumably those carrying evidence of US war crimes like the notorious Nisour Square massacre in Iraq(BLackwater/2007.

This also confirms that the sudden interest in summoning Chelsea Manning to the grand jury she has refused to cooperate with is related to Wikileaks and to the assault on Julian Assange and by extension all media that dare to report on governmental high crimes and misdemeanors. Perhaps Trump is worried his tax returns or the unredacted Mueller report could end up on Wikileaks?

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