Pro-Guaido Protesters and Thugs Protected by the Secret Service Descend on the Venezuelan Embassy (Video)

Guaido supporters rally in front of the Venezuelan Embassy calling for the removal of the Embassy Protection Collective. Secret Service has allowed them control of the front door of the embassy and also full access to the back door where they are free to harrass, intimidate and block anyone trying to enter the embassy or record their actions. Supporters of the embassy residents have been corralled to the opposite side of the street, giving opposition thugs complete control of the perimeter of the embassy.

Check out particularly where the Secret Service assures opposition activists blocking the rear entrance to the embassy that "There is a process in place" presumably to evict the Embassy Protection Collective and hand the embassy over to the opposition. At 2:29:57, Secret Service officers leave the front steps of the Embassy to the protesters, replaced by two young men who seem to be preparing something before the camera is surrounded and removed.


Live Video Streams:

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#CodePink’s Medea Benjamin Swarmed by Thugs at the #VenezuelanEmbassy - A taste of the future for if the opposition takes power? (from start and after 7:13)

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