Embassy of Venezuala goes carbon-neutral as US cuts power, water

With PEPCO having cut off electrical service to the Embassy of Venezuala, Venezuala now has the world's first carbon-neutral embassy right here in Washington DC. The Embassy Protection Collective says they have once again made lemonade from lemons.

The US is also seeking to make all of Venezuala carbon-neutral with bans on processing payments for imports of Venezualan oil and routine sabotage (up to and including bombing) of electrical power generation facilities in Venezuala. Venezuala of course has access to carbon-neutral and dam-free hydropower at one of the world's largest natural waterfalls, though sanctions have made maintaining the generators there difficult. Blackouts in Venezuala, now a blackout at the Venezualan Embassy. By rights it would be the hugely expensive luxury apartments and condos in Geogetown having their power shut off, as consumption (of all types) by the rich in the US is the single largest driver of climate change on the planet.

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