Defenders of Venezualan Embassy DEFEAT police raid w help from attorneys

At about 7PM on the 13th of May, police commenced a raid on the Embassy of Venezuala. The next few hours were very tough going as police sought to enter an embassy, which is far better protected than a normal office building, At around 9:40PM, police abandoned their failed raid as attorneys got control of the situation. The efforts of embassy protectors to deny the police "facts on the ground" bought time for attorneys and legalities to stop the raid.

Update May 15: Ongoing support rallies 6-8PM nightly

DC Media Group video of police entering only to be effectively escorted out by a Partnership for Civil Justice attorney 30 seconds

Video- Alejandro Alvarez video of defenders of the embassy late in the failed raid 35 sec

Video- "LRAD" fired at embassy 16 sec

Update 9:40PM May 13: Police abandon failed raid, word is lawyers were able to force them to back off. Secret Service leaving, False Ambassasor Vecchio has left with his crew. Coup supporters being ordered to clean up their mess. Cops zip-tie the front doors they broke through back shut.

Update 9:10 PM:Pigs close doors, bring up more gear in long cases.

Update 9PM: Cops get air support from helicopter and appear to be going very slow.

Update 8:41PM: US Marshalls enter the building, unlawfully trespassing on the property of the CURRENT government of Venezuala.

Update 8:30PM: Padlocks off the front door and most paper signs etc torn from building. Cops holding back at front door.

Update 8PM: "At least a hundred" coup supporters in front of the embassy. DC Fire Department shows up. MPD, Secret Service, and US Marshalls on site. Fire deparmtment implies MPD having difficulty breaching the embassy's defenses

Update 7:30PM: Live feeds show defenders still inside the embassy. UNKNOWN if cops have succeeded in actually gaining entry to the defended building. Embassies can be somewhat fortified buildings.

Update 7:15PM: olice reported to fire "LRAD" at embassy protectors. The "LRAD" in question however does not look like a normal LRAD, which has a flat panel that works as an array of many small "tweeter" speakers playing an ultrasonic tone around 100khz which when modulated like an AM radio will create sounds in human ears present in a very narrow beam. Rather, MPD is playing either an LRAD's electronics or just a recording of an LRAD with a conventional amplifier into a single high-frequency capable loudspeaker. Unknown if this device is capable of the 100khz ultrasonic emission of a true LRAD or not. This technology produces the long range of a true LRAD but is NOT the only way to get a seriously loud sound cannon.

Update 7:00PM Iffy "trespass notice" taped to door, cops clear coup supporter's camp from permeter of Embassy of Venezuala

Some of the victorious defenders of the Embassy

The embassy as police filter away in defeat

Seen on this car is what might be MPD's fake though loud "LRAD," a real one has a flat panel

Statement released by the Embassy Protection Collective on Twitter with explicit warning of potential consequences for all US embassies, possibly ALL embassies if international law is violated by forcibly removing Venezuala's chosen caretakers

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