Police raid Embassy of Venezuala for second time, arrest remaining Embassy Defenders

HD Video: Protesters at Venezualan Embassy shout down False Ambassador Carlos Vecchio after police raid 2 min 13 sec

Shortly before 10AM on the 16th of May, police raided the Embassy of Venezuala a second time. On territory where no US law enforcement has any jurisdiction unless invited by the government of the day(that's Maduro's government), they arrested the four remaining Embassy Defenders. The Embassy defenders were holding the embassy against US backed coup leader Juan Guaido and his False Ambassador Carlos Vecchio at the invitation of the current government of Venezuala. This violation of the Vienna Convention puts US embasssies globally at risk, possibly ALL embassies.

Shortly after this raid, Pepco Connect turned power back on to the embassy, for the benefit of the cops inside and potentially coup plotter Juan Guaido and his "ambassador" if police turn the building over to them.

Shortly after 6PM, False Ambassador Vecchio showed up to give a speech, only to find Code Pink was still outside waiting for him. As he tried to speak presumably of his ambitions for the embassy and of Guado's designs on Venezuala a chorus of boos shouted him down.Another member of Guado's inner circle notorious for supporting a US invasion of Venezuala also showed up, only to leave under a storm of jeering. As of 11:25PM EDT on May 16th, there are no reports yet of MPD or Secret Service turning the building over to Juan Guaido's false "ambassador" Carlos Vecchio.

DC Media Group's report:


29th st (backside of embassy area) about an hour after cops smashed their way in with a battering ram. Unknown who the ambulance was for

Lawless excuse for a "warrant" used to justify the arrests without having to debate in court just who is trespassing here

Scene around the embassy later the same afternoon shortly before Carlos Vecchio's failed attempt at a speech was shouted down

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