AllOutDC credited with ending Fascist fake "free speech" rally an hour early

On the 6th of July, a laundry list of extreme-right figures spoke at the "Demand Free Speech" rally at Freedom Plaza. Some of the speakers were no-shows, and Laura Loomer "blamed" anti-fascists for the event ending an hour early. Free speech is an interesting theme for Nazis and fascists historically known for burning books and executing opposition journalists. Some of the speakers have been seen elsewhere in swastika armbands.

Prior to the event, Jack Posobiec was found to have created fake antifa twitter accounts whose false threats aimed at breeding police paranoia and arrests may have scared away some of his own allies among the Fascists. Speaking of free speech, Jack Posobiec also was behind a mass-reporting campaign that knocked out Twitter accounts used for organizing the protests. After all the lies, online censorship, and outright slanders, Jack Posobiec did not have the courage to appear at a rally where antifa would outnumber his side, and cancelled his planned speaking appearance. Between these cancellations and attendees drifting away in small groups, the main fascist rally ended about an hour early, at around 2PM instead of 3PM. Laura Loomer "blamed" antifa for this.

Also a factor was that the star attraction of the anti-Fascist counterprotest was Mochella and go-go. Previous political go-go's on U st attracted crowds of thousands, and most white supremacists/nationalists don't want to be anywhere near something like that. Over 1,000 people were claimed to have showed up for the counterprotest, and the fascist turnout in the sun-heated reflector oven known as Freedom Plaza appeared short of expectations.

It was still clear though that much of downtown was dangerous, as MAGA-hatted fascist rally participants of unknown potential for violence roamed the streets in small groups beginning shortly before 2PM and continuing much of the afternoon. Harry's Bar, an "Americana" bar attached to the Hotel Harrinton once against hosted Proud Boys prior to the event, just as they had on the 4th of July. Cops went out of their way to block organized countermarches against roaming groups of Nazis and MAGAts, though one black bloc march did get away and reach the other end of the fascist rally shortly before it ended. That group had to withdraw back to Pershing Park in the face of police behavior that was probably a fake threat of a kettle.

Late afternoon, many of the fascists were tracked to Harry's Bar and police were setting up something at Trump Hotel. Anti-Fascists marched in and members of the Proud Boys assaulted a anti-fascist, whom police proceeded to arrest even though he was the victim. Alex Rubenstein video of Proud Boys attacking, police arresting anti-Fascist activist, 58 sec

Video-Proud Boys yelling near Harry's bar sound like same fascists as in 2018 NYC beating 28 sec

Video: go-go on Pershing Park, Fascists on Freedom Plaza, cops harass an antifa march, and fash hit the streets in small clumps after their rally ends early 2 min 8 sec

DC Media Group's in-depth report

The AllOutDC stage at Pershing Park where go-go bands played. Many more people were on 14th st s close to the fascists as they could get

The MAGAts, fascists, and outright Nazis at their so-called "free speech" rally

The black bloc that got to 12th and E (blocking the obvious route to Harry's Bar) before being forced to retreat back to the park by swarms of bike cops

This is when it is REALLY obvious we are dealing with Nazis

Someone riding a scooter in a Pepe the Frog mask shortly before the reconvened bloc marched on Trump Hotel and Harry's Bar

Cops covering route between Harry's Bar and Trump Hotel for failed attempt at moving a bus to pick up or drop off white nationalists

Fascists gathering at Harry's Bar prior to the main fascist rally. This bar hosted fascists after both MOAR events 2017 and 2018, plus both before and after the July 6 fascist rally.

This "Trump truck" was used for sound at the Harry's Bar street party after the main event, was parked there all day. This or a similar setup was also used at the 2018 MOAR or "Mother of all Rallies," an extreme-right pro-Trump event

This line of bike cops blocking a march near Pershing Square Park shows how far MPD will go to protect their open fascist comrades in arms

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