Extinction Rebellion marches on Capitol Hill in face of police harassment

On the 9th of July, the DC Chapter of the global Extinction Rebellion movement marched on the US Capitol to support a climate emergency resolution introduced by Sen Bernie Sanders and Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.The march faced considerable harassment by US Capitol Police.

Video of the march showing the police harassment and aggression 5 min 21 sec

Capitol Police repeated protesters to sidewalks and created a safety hazard by raising one of the steel vehicle barriers on an access road at the last second as protesters marched in. As protesters prepared to leave one was detained or arrested by Capitol Police. Protesters even had difficult disengaging Capitol Police as they left to load up the artwork and depart for a nearby pub. It seemed the pigs just didn't want to let go.

Motorcycle cops push, hold the march to the sidewalk

Crossing Independence Ave as police horns and sirens blare. No cause for that other than the protest

Cops and yellow tape on the Capitol E lawn

Police detained or arrested one of the activists (a marshal?) as protesters were preparing to leave.

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