McAuliffe's book tour faces second round with Cville survivors at National Press Club

Ford Fischer's video originally posted to Twitter of Charlottesville survivors interrrupting former Va Governor Terry McAuliffe 1 min 33 sec

On the 6th of August, former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe's "Beyond Charlottesville" book tour returned to DC. The big question going in was just how much he would stink up the National Press Club by evading survivor's questions.

This time the moderator did her best to hold the former Governor to the questions, but at one point survivors did have to interrupt him. Afterwards, one of the car survivors called McAuliffe an "artful dodger."

McAuliffe talked of being glad to help survivors but evaded the question when asked if he had "made any moves" to donate money from the book to survivors he hemmed and hawed and did his best to avoid the question. This was when survivors had to speak up.

Security objects to distributing fliers "too close" to the National Press Club's building

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