Amazon Watch, Code Pink protest Brazilian Environmental minister Salles at US Chamber of Commerce

HD Video featuring protester from Brazil calling Salles a terrorist and a traitor 1 min 12 sec

On the 19th of September, Amazon Watch and Code Pink protested against the US visit of Brazil's environmental minister (and Amazon arson enabler) Ricardo Salles as he entered the headquarters of the US Chamber of Commerce. Efforts by Salles to evade protesters failed, and he had to drive past jeering, shouting protesters to enter the building. He was called a traitor and a terrorist by a protester from Brazil.

A few days ago, the Guardian reported that Ricardo Salles was in town to meet with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a known climate change denier. His government under Jair Bolsonaro is known globally for this year's wave of set fires in the Amazon, clearing the rainforest to make way for corporate beef and soybean plantations. There was even a "Day of Fire" organized by right-wing agricultural interests in support of Bolsonaro.

Thus, Bolsonaro may be the most dangerous arsonist ever to appear on this planet or in any human population. An arsonist in a wooden city prior to the development of fire departments was limited to burning down once city, Bolsonaro could destroy the entire Amazon if the cleared area reaches a not-far away threshold somewhere around 20%. At that point, a "dieback" scenaro could cause remaining trees to die off, the entire region would turn to savannah-and all the CO2 stored in the rainforest would be released back to the atmosphere nearly at once. Next to this, Nero's fire that burned part of Rome was but the flare of a match.


This was the scene while waiting for Ricardo Salles to arrive

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