Noisy Car Caravan demands DC release all prisoners to avoid coronavirus

Video of the noise protest motorcade 1 min 10 sec

On the 8th of April, a noisy car caravan took to the streets of DC, demanding that all prisoners in the DC Jail and in Central Cell Block be released immediately so they don't contract the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus.

This is a life-and-death matter! There are 126 people currently quarantined in the DC Jail after contact with a "staffer" who tested positive for the coronavirus. There are now 28 confirmed positive cases in the jail, which could easily detonate into infection of nearly every prisoner if they are not quickly released from close confinement with each other. The DC Jail has been described as a coronavirus death trap given these statistics. Most of the 1,600 prisoners in the jail are awaiting trial and legally presumed innocent, yet facing a death sentence due to the virus. A few are serving sentences for minor offenses, none of which would provike any court even in the US to issue a sentence of death. There are only a few days to act if we want to avoid killing a large percentage of DC's pretrial detainees and those convicted of "stealing a candy bar" level offenses.

These exact demands are being raised by Black Lives Matter:

That is why we are calling on D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin, Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division Juliet McKenna & Deputy Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division Danya Dayson to IMMEDIATELY do the following in order to save lives:

Exercise their authority to immediately decarcerate the D.C. Jail. Stop defending the Department of Corrections campaign of lies and instead tell the public the truth regarding the nightmarish conditions inside of the D.C. Jail.

Stop blocking defense lawyers’ subpoenas for video footage from inside of the jail. Videos do not lie and will document the DOC’s abuse and recklessness. Attorney General Racine should immediately authorize an independent public health expert to enter the D.C. Jail to assess and monitor the conditions of confinement unannounced while the jail is being rapidly decarcerated.

End the culture of torture at the D.C. Jail. The current lockdown has human beings trapped in cages for 23 ½ hours a day. Everyone should have access to proper medical care and supplies to help slow the spread of COVID-19 while the jail is being rapidly decarcerated.

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