IMF Spring Meetings driven online by virus on 20th anniversary of A16

Video-A16 20 years later,now virus beseiges IMF 2 min 4 sec

Twenty years ago on the day this was written, the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings were beseiged and shut down by betweenb 20,000 and 30,000 direct action protesters. Now the Spring Meetings have been driven to online venues by a different kind of siege: the coronavirus. Reports that the IMF and World Bank agreed to cancel all debts "owed" to them unfortunately turned out to be an online prank.

If the IMF meetings have been driven into Zoom, there are many vulnerabilities in zoom, some widely known and some not. Poorly configured meetings can accidently be made available to the general public, but it is doubtful that the IMF's tech bosses are dumb enough to let that happen. What IMF tech/computer experts can't avoid except by not using Zoom is the internal vulnerabilities of Zoom itself to hackers, of which a great many exist.

Also driven online is the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) monthly fracking/pipeline rubberstamp "public meeting" which is of course not public when conducted as a supposedly private online conference. Again, Zoom is the dominant provider of online conferencing during the pandemic and although FERC seeks to keep their meeting out of public view their ability to do so might be limited by Zoom's weaknesses.

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