BLM activists edit Mayor Bowser's murel during huge day of protests, activist gets eye injury

Raw video: using spotlight and lasers to reveal police spotter/sniper team on roof 10 sec

A potentially major political event occurred late in the huge June 6 day of actions for George Floyd: Black Lives Matter activists got paint matching Bowser's 16th st "Black Lives Matter" murel and added the words "Defund the Police." There are fears that Mayor Bowser or her minions may attempt to deface or destroy this addition.

Also in the evening an activist on the projection team received an eye injury police laser (possibly a weapon sight laser) while the team was using a spotlight and a laser pointer to reveal to the public a police spotter/sniper team atop the second office building back from H st on the southbound side of 16th st. This activist reported blurry vision in the eye hit by the police laser's beam.

The third major development was the all but confirmed presence of white supremacists who attempted to infiltrate the march. An all-white three person team was seen tagging "PF" for Patriot Front and the three were engaged by photographers, setting them to flight. The Patriot Front members no doubt feared an old-fashioned "boot party" would result if they were revealed to the crowd in realtime. Donald Trump has blamed antifa (anti-fascists) for white-instigated violence at some Floyd George, but those FBI sources who have dared to contradict Trump report white supremacists are actually responsible for a number of the most politically toxic and violent incidents. Assaults on synagogues have occurred in a number of locations for instance, and this is something Nazis not antifa would do.

All day thousands of activists rallied and marched all over town, and almost all persons present south of M st appeared to be protesters. In many places police stayed away, though a staging/housing area for cops was found at or around the Hyatt on NJ Ave. Also at FBI headquarters some unbadged/unmarked "cops" (turned out to be Federal prison guards) were discovered. The only markings on the troops in green were "SORT" almost certainly for "Special Operations Response Team" which is Bureau of Prisons. They were quickly run off with warnings that uprisings would be organized in the prisons they came from-and that their home addresses would be found and published online. They turned tail and marched into an FBI driveway and out of sight within five minutes of this warning.

Update: on Sunday, June 7, Black Lives Matter-DC published this list of demands:

*Defunding of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

*Police Free Schools

*The Decriminalization of Sex Work

*Charges Against Protestors Dropped

*An End to Cash Bail in Maryland

*No New Jails in DC & Abolish Prisons

*A Ban on Stop and Frisk

*Invest in Community

New text added to Muriel Bowser's "Black Lives Matter" 16th st murel with an actual BLM demand

A sniper/spotter team atop the marked building responded to the spotlight and laser with a laser of their own so powerful it caused an injury to an activist's eye

Black Lives Matter demands posted on "Trump's Wall" around the White House

Black Lives Matter demands posted on "Trump's Wall" around the White House

Black Lives Matter demands posted on "Trump's Wall" around the White House

Some of these unmarked cops turned out to be prison guards

The marking "SORT" for Special Incident Response Team (prison guard riot squad) is only marking here: no badge or legal authority.

Nature of the fight

Big march from Dupont Circle passes under 16th st

View of the White House from the lead of the march from Dupont

Graffiti posted on a fenced-off stone monument on Capitol Hill

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