George Floyd protests continue for 10th day in a row, Lafayette Sq fence resembles Berlin Wall

On the 7th of June, DC's George Floyd Uprising continued for the tenth day in a row, with another big march from Dupont Circle and the are near the White House again dominated by protesters. Trump has his wall-8 feet high around the White House and Lafayette Square, and it now resembles the Berlin Wall with all the additions

For the second night in a row, a group of (this time five) white supremacists were spotted and placed under camera surveillance. They retreated fast when they realized they were being filmed, and were pursued all the way to Constitution Ave where they retreated towards the Washington Monument. At least twice the fascists attempted to interact with police without success. Probably cops didn't want to be on camera talking to Nazis.

Trump's Berlin Wall

More demands added to Muriel Bowser's murel

The scene on 16th st shortly before sunset

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