Protesters cap Juneteenth by pulling down Confederate statue next to MPD HQ

Video-pulling down the Pike statue at MPD 1 min 1 sec

The 19th of June featured thousands of protesters in the streets of DC for march after march. A massive party took over 14th and U towards evening, and a "Fuck the Police" march set out from the White House at sunset. This march wound it's way to MPD's headquarters-and proceeded to pull down the statue of Confederate general Albert Pike located right next to MPD!

This was the third Confederate statue to be pulled down in less than a week in the DC area. The first was the Confederate soldier statue at White's Ferry, the second was the Confederate grave marker at Grace Church, both of which have been confirmed down by multiple corporate media outlets. This is now capped by the "Fuck the Police" march successfully using masses of people pulling with all their might in unison on multiple ropes to remove this huge and very heavy Confederate nightmare from its base. At first it appeared the efforts would fail, but the reinforcements marched in and nearly a ton of extra human weight was added to the ropes. With more force and power jerking the ropes, the statue began to rock and sway. Finally it toppled over, landing with a mighty thud and raising a cloud of dust from wet ground. The crowd pounced on it, and pyrotechnics were then ignited creating the image of General Pike being burned.

Statue of Confederate general (and possible KKK founding member) Albert Pike coming down right next to MPD (DC Police) headquarters

Making ready to pull it down

Fireworks blaze on General Pike's neck and chest

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