DC Councilmember Allen gets all-night Defund MPD home demo before budget vote

Black Lives Mater activists are demanding that all DC Councilmembers vote NO on the budget until funding for MPD is entirely removed. On the night of July 6, eve of the vote, Black Youth Project 100 held an all-night protest at the home of Councilmember George Allen. Protesters demanded he come outside but he refused until the following morning.

Late in the night and under drenching rains, police attempted without success to drive off the protesters. Protesters stood their ground, and the cops retreated just as the rain always ends.

In the morning,Councilmember Charles Allen trotted out excuses for the corwd, claiming the budget is "not bold enough" (which should be a reason to vote NO), and "his hands are tied." He "blamed" both the Council and the Mayor but stated he would not vote against the budget.

There was ugliness later: he invited members of the crowd to attend the hearing, but when they got to the Wilson Building members of BYP100 were threatened with arrest by security guards!

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