BLM protesters block Key Bridge, hit Georgetown by day and by night

Video of Key Bridge and Georgetown WakeUp actions 1 min 19 sec

The 8th of August featured a new set of targets by Black Lives Matter protesters. The daytime march from Malcolm X Park took over Key Bridge before marching into Georgetown, and the night-time "Fuck the Police" march from Dupont Circle included a noisy, late-night "WAKE UP!" march through some of the richest residential neighborhoods in Georgetown.

While both of these marches appeared a bit thin in turnout, they both overlapped with a major rally at 14th and U to save unemployment insurance at which the go-go band Mochella was reported to be playing. Hundreds of people were gathered there, and the daytime march went by in solidarity on the way back to Malcolm X Park after the rest of their day.

As usual, many cops including a senior "white-shirt" defied regulations imposed on MPD requiring them to wear masks while interacting with the public. Bowser's mask law does exempt them but this regulation does NOT.

Bikes take the lead as a march crosses Key Bridge

Marchers on Key Bridge

Graffiti on Key Bridge

Big crowd at U st for the save unemployment insurance rally

Marching on M st by night before the noisy wake-up march hit residential areas

Lead banners in Georgetown

"Hey COVID-breath!" white-shirted cop refuses to wear a mask in crowd at U st

Another unmasked cop waiting to give COVID-19 a helping hand

THIS unmasked cop even attempted to order the photographer to "come here." COVID-19 is all the reason needed to decline

Marching past the big rally to save unemployment insurance on U st

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