Breaking: Pigs pepper spray, kettle protest march on 18th between FL Ave and T st

Kate Cantrell's video of one of the rough arrests 44 sec

On the 13th of August, the Metropolitan Police Department once again kettled protesters in the IMF/Pershing Park/J20 manner. In addition to the usual pepper spraying, cops surrounded protesters on 18th st, and arrested protesters, journalists, and bystanders alike. There are reports of felony rioting charges (even against journalists, same as J20)-and that one protesters had a stroke and was removed by ambulance.

Kate Cantrell's video was originally posted to

with this caption:

A crowd shouted and tried to block a D.C. police van and officers moved a group of demonstrators from 18th Street NW. One woman was taken into custody during the clash.

Police line enforcing mass arrest (photo by Abdallah Fayyad)

Solid wall of cops at near-optimum distance for spreading COVID-19 among themselves (photo by Abdallah Fayyad)

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