Scenes from the Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march

Video-scenes from the rally and initial very large march 1 min

On the 28th of August, National Action Network held a massive "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks" march in DC. Huge crowds streamed into the Lincoln Memorial area starting early morning, and marchers circulated all over DC afterwards well into the night. At one point well after the main march, all DC bridges over the Potomac were reportedly blocked at once.

When the rally program on the Mall completed, marches spread all over DC from the rally area. Most of them if not all were unofficial/informal, much like after the 2017 Women's March the day after J20. Starting at maybe 4PM, more militant crews assembled and fanned out over multiple areas of the city. Swarms of cops went to Georgetown in response to one crew going there, but the SE-SW Freeway and the other bridges were also targetted. Cops in Georgetown were effectively out of action so far as that was concerned. Marchers have shown they can get the upper hand on cops: the previous night at Trump's RNC event, bike cops blocking the sound truck from getting onto Constitution Ave found themselves effectively kettled by the crowd.

Marches continued through thunderstorms and well into the night. After a confrontation with police at Black Lives Matter Plaza, protesters set out on a march that swung a wide loop through the city under continuing rain before finally returning.

View of the Lincoln Memorial stage area from the Mall

March on the move

Some downtown commercial landlord boarded up prior to this march and Trump's RNC speech

National Guard troops were back on the streets of DC, controlling vehicle access to some streets

Speaks for itself

Cops blocking off St John's church at night

Some things have not changed since the origins of US police departments as slave patrols

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