MPD shoots and kills Deon Kay, protesters besiege 7D

Video-protesters chanting "Move Back!" force cops into surrounded 7D 56 sec

On the 2nd of September, the DC police (MPD) shot and killed 17 year old Deon Kay in SE DC. In response protesters laid siege to 7D, which the killer cop is most likely based at. At one point, protesters chanting "Move Back!" were able to drive the cops into their completely-surrounded station.

Deon Kay was murdered by MPD cops at MLK Ave. SE & Mellon St. SE. Protesters are demanding that Mayor Bowser release the body camera footage of the shooting of Deon Kay immediately, and that she fire every cop who played any role in this shooting: " RELEASE THE TAPES AND FIRE THE COPS!!"

Beseiged cops retreat into their surrounded station (still from Ali Eslami video)

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