Police commit petty crimes against Fuck the Police march

Video of cop shining bright light at Indymedia videographer's camera 20 sec

On the 24th of October, the They/Them "Fuck the Police" march again took to the streets. While no arrests were seen, police committed a variety of petty crimes around the march.

An umbrella was stolen by police, some barricade material of unknown origin was thrown by police into the 18th st restaurant area, cops tried to blind cameras with lights, and there were a number of low level assaults committed by police as well.

The cop seeking to blind the opposing journalist appeared to be filming himself, judging by a green LED visible on his helmet-mounted light. While this could possibly have been a pilot light to indicate a bicycle headlight (e.g. "nightrider" brand) is running, it was rather bright for that and such an LED is also often used to indicate that a camera is running. Either he was filming protesters for unknown later purposes while trying to avoid being filmed himself, or he was just trying to block an opposing journalist, unclear which one.

While marchers were in front of what may have been the same restaurant where marchers were spit at in August, a call was read out for all business owners who display Black Lives Matter signs to expel racists and white supremacists from their premises. They were asked to make space for Black and Brown people by removing those whites who exhibit racist behavior. To display a Black Lives Matter sign while your patrons spit at marchers against police murder of Black and Brown people is an act of hypocrisy unless action is taken to remove the racist patrons. Some of the patrons of the more upscale restaurants are the very people who are voting for Bowser and endorsing her "more cops, more arrests, more condos" agenda. Their taxes fund MPD, the courts, and the DC Jail and some of them call the cops on their Black neighbors and even lobby for more cops.

Two MPD "police officers" with umbrella stolen from protesters

Cops moving street barricade on 18th st seconds after being called out for throwing similar materials at the restaurant area

Cop trying to blind camera with helmet light. This light may have been part of a police camera setup, as a green LED could be seen on video in another clip on that helmet mounted device

Mask violation by member of "MPD" street gang

Typical MPD bike cop line at a restaurant

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