Huge Trump rally ends in serious violence, including a stabbing

Video of Supreme Court mess, with riot cops facing the wrong way given the threat 1 min 54 sec

The Nov 14 "Million MAGA(t) March" over the disputed 2020 election devolved into rioting and assaults by the Proud Boys and other far-right extremists. Mainstream media estimated as many as ten thousand Trump suppporters marched. Afterwards, fights swirled througout the city, as Proud Boys beat several activsts and stabbed at least one. Body armor reportedly stopped another knife attack.

The demand of the pro-Trump march was simple: that the results of the 2020 election be annulled and Donald Trump be re-inaugurated for a second term even though he lost the election. Legal challenges are being laughed out of court, so this would require GOP legislatures in at least 4 states to reject the election results and send GOP electors to the electoral college anyway. Right now GOP state legislators are refusing, but Trump supporters figure that could change under pressure.An outright coup would also satisfy them.

Right from the start, some of the Proud Boys and other fascists were heavily armed. One witness reported seeing a concealed sawed-off shotgun momentarily displayed under a coat. They also saw another fascist with a heavy-barreled sniper rifle boasting about being able to "take out" all of the counterprotesters. That would not have actually been possible as there were hundreds of counterprotesters, more than enough to run him out of ammo. There were four gun arrests believed to be of the Fascists, and a LOT of knives were seen. These weapons were for go not for show.

Serious Proud boys violence began as soon as the main confrontation at the Supreme Court had broken up, people they called "Dems" on their videos were surrounded at beaten. Towards evening, anti-Fascists managed to catch some of the Trumpers dining in restaurants, and on at least two occasions lobbed in lout but harmless fireworks. At the restaurant at 16th and K, this caused the restaurant to close. On BLM Plaza, though it was hours after the destruction of the signs on the White House fence, ant-Fascists managed to get the upper hand. They burned Trump flags and MAGA hats when possible and pursued far-right extremists caught in small groups back to their hotels. Some of those hotels contained the Proud Boys, and the biggest pack of them was at Harry's Bar. From there they attempted to march on Black Lives Matter Plaza. This march was either stopped or delayed for many hours, at the price of anti-Fascists being beaten and in at least once case stabbed by Proud Boys terrorists. The far-right claims that most Trump flags carried through BLM Plaza were captured and burned, but had this been the case the smoke would have carried all the way to K st due to the number of these flags. It is reported that an unkown right-wing crew got to BLM Plaza at around midnight with a large pro-police flag, but go-time for the original Proud Boys march had been 7PM.

At all time, very few of the Trump supporters wore masks. The main march had what the mainstream media estimated were ten thousand participants jammed shoulder to shoulder without masks, many from areas with record levels of covid-19 spreading. This event is expected to cause a major spike in COVID cases, though most of these cases will be exported back to the marcher's states of origin and recorded there. Fortunately for DC, the new cases stemming from this march should not become infectious until the marchers have left the city. TV-9 (WUSA) has posted this report on the unique covid danger posed by this march, which was said to be the only major protest in DC without masks during this pandemic. Trump rallies elsewhere without masks have often been followed by covid clusters.

By the end of the night at least four cops had been injured and twenty-one arrests had been reported. More arrests occurred later, primarily of counterprotesters who unlike the fascists live here and are thus still in town. Injuries to anti-fascist protesters were numerous but some of the most aggressive Nazis went down too. Most of the arrests were of anti-Fascist protesters, but out of five people arrested on gun charges (two from the same militia in a Georgia it is believed that four of them may have been the Fascists. Anti-Fascist protesters had very few guns due to the expectation that DC's gun laws would be enforced primarily against people of color and not against fascists. This was even though it was expected by many that (as was actually observed) that the fascists themselves would carry guns in disregard of DC's laws. The large number of knives carried by the Proud Boys was not expected. At least one counterprotester's life was saved by body armor rated to handle stabbing threats. It is also directly confirmed that several fascists were among the arrestees. There is a report the person stabbed may be in critical condition. The first shots of Trump's promised civil war may have been fired last night.

Riot cops at Supreme Court face wrong way as violent crowd full of Proud Boys threatens to push over or through the fence

Trumpers again stripped sections of fence at Black Lives Matter Plaza of signs, and even pulled a Black Lives Matter sign off a nearby building

Anti-fascists put up a spirited defence but were overwhelmed and insufficiently or even unarmed. Still defied Proud Boys claims that this would "be the end of DC Antifa."

Trump flag burning as anti-Fascists scored a victory over the knife and gun-wielding Magat mob. Proud Boys coudn't be everywhere at once!

Speaking of civil war: Confederate flag on marcher. Other reporters also reported seeing Confederate flags, and militia imagery was common

Durham Operations screenshotted this FOX News threat against Black and Indigenous people and posted it to Twitter. THIS is the stakes if Trump's people get their war

Still from Drew Hernandez (Twitter) video of fireworks hit on outdoor dining full of Trumpers

Fence at Supreme Court bulges at cops (whose backs are turned) as Trump supporter in mock Greek armor stands at center of bulge

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