Trumpers and Proud Boys harass BLM Plaza, start fights all over downtown

Video: Trump supporter violently assaulting Black woman on BLM Plaza. Both she and the Black man who stood up to defend her were arrested(Chuck Modi, 4 sec)

On the 11th of December, Proud Boys and Trump supporters started out with small unit harassing runs through BLM Plaza, only to find cops blocking the last half-block N of H st, meaning they had to run the gauntlet in reverse. There were again also cases of people in the streets being jumped by fascists, including a confirmed threat to stab someone by saying "I'm going to cut you."

The police have closed H st and the last portion of 16th st just north of H st since the Dec 10 incident of fascists tearing down a sign and threatening to bear mace the plaza's defenders. Those fascists responded to someone's challenge to a one-on-one fight by fleeing the plaza. Shortly therafter the cops blocked off access. Previously MPD had the habit of protecting fascists while in the act of vandalizing the signs on the fence. Now however they probably consider that act too likely to explode the situation into all-out melee combat.

As usual, most of the fascists did NOT wear masks, yet MPD made sure to protect fascists from (outnumbererd) anti-fascist protesters. Meanwhile, when fascists attacked anti-fascist protesters cops let it happen most of the time. A major exception was a huge march hundreds strong of Trump suppporter and Proud Boys seen as close to BLM Plaza as 14th st but which for some reason did not materialize at the plaza in the expected five minutes. Bike scouts expected to reach the plaza barely ahead of them but no show, possibly the cops kept them back to avoid the sort of bloodbath that would make the Mayor look bad and DC look "unacceptably violent" for doing business.

At one point, Roger Stone showed his ugly face to brazenly support the Proud Boys, whose violent terrorism extended this night to "I'm going to cut you" and on Nov 14 included three people actually being stabbed.

Things got much nastier after 10PM, when Harry's Bar (like all bars in DC) legally had to stop serving alcohol due to COVID hours. A large number of fascists built up in the streets, this may or may not have been the large crowd bellowing "USA!" and "Fuck Antifa!" later seen at 14th st dangerously close to the plaza. At that time, cops refused to let anyone cross from K st onto the Plaza but did allow people to leave the plaza. This was apparently to cause the anti-Fascist protest to dwindle by attrition as to keep the fascists back.

As the night wound down, a more general melee started, and reports on twitter claim two fascists were maced, one fascist arrested, and three counterprotesters arrested. Two of the three arrestees were a Black woman assaulted by the fascists, and a Black man who stepped up to defend her. Another Black woman was arrested as well. This sort of thing is typical MPD thuggery, and much in line with what their Proud Boys allies stand for and advocate with their "thin blue line" flags.

Chuck Modi's video of the violent assault of a Black woman by a white Trump supporter was originally posted to twitter at
This is the woman who after being assaulted was arrested along with the Black man who stood up to defend her, white the white fascist was NOT arrested.

This fascist was challenging everyone to fights. Note the unmasked Trump supporters behind him

barricades blocking access to H st and the "sign fence"

Unmasked Trump supporters protected by police as they went through the area occupied by anti-Fascist protesters only to have to run the gauntlet a second time in reverse due to the barricades

The scene at Harry's Bar just after 10 PM closure as a dangerous crowd gathered. The bike scout who took this photo had to dodge dangerous threats elsewhere to get this close

Big fascist march heading up 14th st a while after Harry's Bar closed for the night. They were expected to attack BLM Plaza but somehow never got there

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