Luke runs in solidarity with 93 mile no-DAPL/No Line 3 run by Standing Rock Youth Council

Video-Luke's solidarity run and the 93 mile relay run against DAPL and Line 3 36 sec

On the 9th of February, the Standing Rock Youth Council challenged activists to run any distance in solidarity with their 93 mile winter relay run from Timber Lake to Cannonball River, where the No DAPL camps of 2016 were located. DC's own Luke rose to the challenge, supporting the national campaign to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is at this time operating illegally, as their Trump-accelerated operating permit was voided by a Federal court. With Trump out of office, hope rises that the famous "Black Snake" can be killed once and for all, following the Keystone XL that Biden cancelled into the dustbin of history. Activists are also demanding that the Enbridge Line 3 which trespasses on Chippewa territory in Minnesota be cancelled.

The deaths of these pipelines coming quickly after a change of government could play a major role in stopping financial support for any new fracked gas, tar sands, or frack oil pipelines. The message sent is that they not only cannot be built, but cannot be used except when the GOP is in the White House. With all elections uncertain, nobody will lend a penny for any future pipeline.

The Standing Rock Youth Council's 93 mile relay run.

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