Protesters march on home of Arlington Board of Supervisers member over arrestee transfers to ICE

Video: marchers at the house met with an attempt to baffle protesters with BS and trivia while Arlington tops ICE detainer compliance

1 min 44 sec

On the 22nd of March, pot-and-pan banging protesters marched on the home of a member of Arlington's Board of Supervisers. They were demanding a total and complete end to ALL cooperation with ICE by Arlington Police, courts, and the Sheriff. The targeted politician responded to the story of a man being arrested, turned over to ICE, and deported after a traffic accident with seemingly an hour of bullshit.

It is rare for the target of a home demo to come out and speak with protesters, so the Arlington Board member gets some serious credit for that. All the same, he claimed there was no way to prevent the sheriff or individual cops from sharing data with ICE, and no way to ensure an overall policy is free of leaks. Actually, Arlington could stop using Amazon's law enforcement "resources," thus denying ICE one source of information. If Amazon won't shut down that server, Arlington could make life HELL for Amazon's HQ2 headquarters. If police officers talk to ICE they can be fired. If the sheriffs department, the courts, or the jail claim they cannot ignore those few ICE warrants that are actually signed by a judge (a rarity), they could be shut down entirely. Certainly the jail could be closed and prisoners released. The slightest threat of this would quickly bring pro-ICE, MAGAt cops and deputies into compliance with new ICE-melting policies whatever they may be.

There is absolutely no excuse for collaboration with the inhuman monsters at ICE, just as there was no excuse for collaboration with Germany's version of Naziism. Anyone who's job require enforcing ICE warrants has not the right but the duty to quit. It is legal for courts and jails to ignore ICE "Detainers" which are not warrants signed by judges, yet Arlington is one of the jurisdictions enforcing the most ICE detainers in spite of supposed policies to the contrary. Traffic crashes don't lead to deportation unless local police are working hand in hand with their fellow white supremacists at ICE.

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