Boycott Nellies block party ends in thunderous finale of dirt bikes, ATV's

Video of the block party and its thunderous finale 1 min 35 sec

On the evening of Friday, July 23, Boycott Nellies protesters returned to 9th and U, the bar having been open since the previous Sunday. This time around, ATV and dirt bike riders provided a thunderous finale in front of the near-empty bar. All the partying was in the streets.

At about 8:30PM, Nellies remained nearly empty as crowds began building at other bars.This pattern held for the entire duration of the protest: a vigorous party in the street, while Nellies sat mostly empty, a few bored-looking patrons visible inside. They used to be packed on weekend nights, probably few want to be dragged down the stairs by their hair. That of course is exactly what Nellie's former security firm did to Keisha on Pride weekend.

At the end of the night, a huge crew of dirt bikers and ATV riders showed up to lend their support, riding in like thunderous heavy cavalry. The night ended in roaring engines,clouds of tire smoke-and utterly outmatched cops powerless to intervene. Nellies-sometimes when you drag people down the stairs by their hair, things just turn out like Mad Max!

This protest served a dual role: keeping the pressure on Nellie's Sports Bar, and reminding everyone that recent high-profile crimes have NOT generated anything close to unanimous support for more police, who many regard as the biggest criminals of all.

ATV riders at Nellie's

Dirt bikers smoke it up

Partying in the streets just before the finale arrived

This place used to be packed on weekend evenings. NOT ANY MORE!

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