Speakers demand Cancellation of Line 3 and other pipelines as Red Road to DC totem pole walk arrives

Video: Ojibwe elder demands Enbridge Line 3 construction be halted 3 min 32 sec

On July 29, the House of Tears Carvers and their allies arrived on the National Mall, bringing a totem pole and ending a journey of thousands of miles. The totem pole was delivered to Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland (who also spoke at the rally) and to the Biden administration. Later speakers demanded that the construction of Enbridge Line 3 and other trespassing pipelines be stopped.

It goes without saying that any tar sands "oil" spill into the wrong part of the Great Lakes from Enbridge's Line 3 could be the end of the wild rice beds-and the end of the traditiional Anishabee/ Ojibwe/Chippewa way of life. This sort of thing is predicted in the prophecy of the Black Snake, who it is said shall come from the north (as in CANADA) and will spit poison into the water.

The totem pole as seen from behind the stage

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