March for An'Twan Gilmore and George Watson takes over U st area

Video highlights of U st March 54 sec

Since the police murder of An'Twan Gilmore MPD has not stopped killing. Thus, the name of George Watson had to be added to An'Twan Gilmore's name for the planned Friday night march against MPD. This time around, marchers headed into the crowded U st dining and bar corridor for maximum visibility.

Not long after the start of the march, some kind of scrum with bike cops took place at the rear of the march, with cops surrounding six people before being ordered off by a superviser. Later there was a report that MPD Sgt Riley nearly ran over 4 legal observers. This was probably the same incident but this author is not 100% certain of that.

Video includes march near start, Nellie's Sports Bar getting booed, an "out of the bars, into the streets" segment, circling up at 14th and U, and fireworks rising over the march back to the starting point

Twice the march passed Nellie's in a chorus of boos

This may be the incident after Sgt Riley nearly ran over 4 legal observers

At least one cop car was confronted by some of the marchers

Fireworks rise over the march

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