March for Antwan Gilmore harassed by off-duty cops, some of them drunk

Video: Chuck Modi's video of out of state cops arguing with protesters 59 sec

On the 15th of October, off-duty/out of state cops in DC for a fallen officers memorial hassled and drew engagement from a Black Lives Matter march for Antwan Gilmore. Some of the cops were drunk while calling for MPD to attack the march.

It must be remembered that the original reason MPD went after Antwan was nothing more than noticing he was asleep in his car. By the time the incident was over, MPD cops had shot him dead.

It was noted on Twitter that some of these out of state cops were seen carrying open containers of alcohol. Years ago, the 1991 Mount Pleasant Uprising began after a rookie MPD cop shot a Salvadoran man after handcuffing him for drinking in public. Now off-duty cops are drinking in public and trying to start fights. They were also seen at the People vs Fossil Fuels protests, and in at least one case taunted protesters. It stands to reason that alcohol would make this behavior worse.

Still from Chuck Modi's Twitter video

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