Supporters, family of Antwan Gilmore march on U st

Video-crowd reacts as Nellies patron screams "shut the fuck up" 34 sec

On the 5th of November, Black Lives Matter activists supporting and accompanying the family of Antwan Gilmore again marched on U st. Antwan Gilmore was shot by MPD in August after being found sleeping in his car and accosted by cops.

This time around, when the march passed Nellie's Sports Bar, one of the very few patrons of that racist institution insultingly told marchers to "shut the fuck up" drawing more attention to the place from protesters instead of less. The offending bargoer was told to shut up himself, and eventually the march moved on. Later, the band playing at 14th and U decided to yield the floor and open the mic to protesters while the march was there, calling out the seriousness of the issue.

This is not over until the family of Antwan Gilmore says it is, best guess is that requires at least firing and likely prosecuting Enis Jervic, the cop who shot 10 rounds into Antwan's car. Right now Enis is on unpaid leave for "investigation" but is not charged with any offense much less being held in the DC jail. Anyone without a badge shooting someone ten times in DC is likely to be held without bond if identified, and now everyone knows Antwan Gilmore's murderer is MPD office Enis Jervic.

The march in front of still near-empty Nellie's Sports Bar

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