July 4 Roundup: SCOTUS showdowns, DC black bloc after dark, and reports from elsewhere

On the 4th of July, "Fuck the 4th" and similar abortion rights turned people out in the streets everywhere:

The day started out in DC with a confrontation at the Supreme Court between pro-choice activists and hard core theocrats chanting "Christ is King" presumably to celebrate Dobbs.

Video: confrontation with hard core theocrats at SCOTUS 35 sec

As night fell, a black bloc march issued forth from Stanton Park like the one after Dobbs was released. At least one attempt by police to isolate and arrest a single marcher failed. The march was eventually kettled by very aggressive cops, but marchers managed to get out and disperse safely, not clear how. Over 500 cops appear to have been involved in trying to counter this march.

Video: black bloc night march in DC faces police violence, kettle 2 min 6 sec, by John Zangas

In MD, climate change protesters from Declare Emergency blocked the Beltway at around 12:30PM. Thirteen of them and one counterprotester were arrested.

Elsewhere: "Fuck the 4th" protests took place all over the US including many in known antichoice states.

Lakeland, FL: Showdown w fundies, arrest for bullhorn use Video (3 min)

St Petersburg, FL Video: The big PSL march (1 min 29 sec)

Akron, Ohio: Police fire tear gas at July 4 protesters(link goes to Twitter, includes video

Front line just before a very aggressive kettle by Capitol police followed by dispersal not arrests (still from John Zangas video)

Night march near the Capitol as fireworks go off on the Mall (still from John Zangas video)

Earlier: the "Christ is King" yelling theocrats at SCOTUS (Still from video from John Zangas clips)

A T-shirt worn at the Lakeland protest where pro-choice protesters confronted Fundamentalist theocrats and cops made an unlawful arrest of a 13 year old for using a bullhorn

The march in St Petersburg

Lead banner at night march in black bloc

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