Mitch McConnell gets home demo in wake of Colorado Springs shooting

Video clip by Our Rights DC 7 seconds

On the 22nd of November, protesters again showed up at the home of Mitch McConnell. This time they were there to demand accountability for GOP promotion of anti-LGBTQ hate in the wake of the armed attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs. Protest chants included "DC Don't like Fascists," "2,4,6,8 fascist hate won't make us straight 5,6,7,8 end the anti-trans hate" and many more.

The raging sewer of GOP and Christian Nationalist hate just killed five people and wounded dozens more. Had patrons not counterattacked and subdued the terrorist this could have been so much worse. Club Q is an LGBTQ venue and was attacked for that reason.

Street chalk left by protesters at Mitch McConnell's house (Our Rights DC photo)

Solidarity banner drop for Club Q elsewhere in DC(Our Rights DC photo)

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