Night of Vengeance announced after cops kill Atlanta Forest Defender

Just after 9AM on the 18th of January, the cops went to guns against the Atlanta Forest Defenders. Cops entered with guns drawn ahead of Brasfield and Gorrie’s construction equipment and the situation blew up. Witnesses reported a sudden barrage of about 12 shots, and when it was over, a cop was wounded reportely by another cop’s bullets and a protesters (reported as a bystander by some) was dead.

Later in the day, police continued to play with guns. Instead of investigating the “blue on blue” shooting of one of their own, they continued their attack. This may be to destroy evidence and block independent investigation. At least one person among the forest defenders has stated plans are to hold the line UNTIL THE LAST DEFENDER IS KILLED. This is like holding a trench in the First World War. Cops for their part are continuing to play with guns, a treesitter shot a photo of a cop in a cherrypicker holding a rifle while attempting to dislodge them.

Hours later, with FOX News and cops spewing lies about this incident, the Atlanta Press Collective published this press release:

Today the police shot and killed a protester in Weelaunee Forest. Dozens of heavily armed DeKalb Police, Atlanta Police and Georgia State police shut down Weelaunee People’s Park and nearby streets before entering the tree line with guns drawn and heavy machinery poised to continue forest destruction.More from the Atlanta Press Collective release

(end press release)

The fury of forest defenders and abolitionists is boundless after this murder of one of our own. In the wake of this outrage, and with live fire having been introduced to the battlefield, an anonymous call has been posted to calling for a nationwide night of vengeance and rage:
The worst has come to pass. An unnamed forest defender has been shot and killed in Weelaunee. Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies. On Friday, January 20th, wherever you are, you are invited to participate in a night of rage in order to honor the memory of our fallen comrade.Love and rage Defend the Atlanta Forest

Cop holding rifle menacing a treesitter from a cherrypicker AFTER the deadly shooting

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