Fundraiser for pro-TPP Sen Wyden derailed by anti fast track protest

On the 24th of March, Sen Wyden, leading Democrat of the Senate Finance Committee, had scheduled a fundraiser at the Bistro Bis restaurant in the same building as the Hotel George. The fundraiser was cancelled after he got word that protesters against his support for "fast-track," no amendment voting on the proposed TPP trade deal were also going to be there. Protesters showed up anyway as a precaution against being faked out and to educate passers by on the bribery that takes place at these fundraisers. The promo for the cancelled Wyden fundraiser read ""Friends of all industries are welcome to attend," implying that only corporate lobbyists and no other lobbyists were welcome.

This bribery is probably a major factor in why Senators and Congressmen support pro-corporate trade deals opposed by a supermajority of their constituents. Senator Wyden is supporting Obama's push for the TPP or "Trans-Pacific Partnership," and for "fast-track" also known as "Trade Promotion Authority." Without fast-track, the treaty would have no chance of passing Congress without amendements that would invalidate the President's signature and force a reopening of the terms of the treaty.

The proposed terms of the TPP are being kept secret even from members of Congress. Chapters that have been leaked show more support for drug patents, seed patents, patented GMO foods, and software patents. They include restrictions on the Internet to help Hollywood persecute music and movie filesharers around the world. The main US supporters of the treaty include the US Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood, major brand name pharmaceutical makers, and of course Monsanto, Syngenta, and the rest of the unpopular GMO food industry.

If Senator Wyden wants to know just how bad things can get so long as he continues to support such an unpopular treaty, he should ask former DC Mayor Anthony Williams about those 14 campaign cash fundraisers in a row MAYDAY DC broke up back in 2002!

1 1/2 min video of the protest

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