Clown Bloc tries to enter World Bank, IMF's Infoshop

On the 17th of April, as the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank got underway, a "clown bloc" showed up asking delegates if they would answer on camera "what is the difference between austerity and poverty?" Not one would answer this on the record. Seeking answers the Clown Bloc moved on to the IMF's "infoshop" bookstore, which is open to the public or supposed to be. Security guards aggressively kept them out, this was repeated when some of the clown tried to enter the World Bank seeking the same answer.

Many of the protesters in Frankfurt, Germany at the opening of the European Central Bank were also dressed as clowns. Of course, the real clowns were at the circus inside the Spring Meetings, not outside asking the questions!"

Video-clown bloc questions delegates, tries to get in

Video-Interview with Australian citizen concerning solidarity with United Voice union at IMF/G20

Solidarity at the IMF/G20 with Australia's United Voice union

Clowns under the big tent seeking the big answer: "What is the difference between austerity and poverty?"

What a strange "Infoshop!" Most Infoshops are anarchist bookstores where activists would be welcome not only in clown gear but also in black masks

Security doesn't like it when the clowns try to get into the World Bank's annual Spring Circus!

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