July 4 pot legalization march faces fences, checkpoints, troops

Every July 4 there is a cannabis legalization march from the White House to a concert on the Mall near 23ed st. The march demands an end to all federal, state, and local laws persecuting pot users. Since 2002 the march has had to pass through police checkpoints to get to the concert site. This year there were an unusual number of troops and military vehicles in the streets as well as all those "Freedom American Style" bag search checkpoints.

The flag that flew over My Lai, Wounded Knee and Sand Creek was not the only flag celebrated by "patriots" on July 4 this year. One of the headlining bands at the official July 4 concert (not the pot legalization concert) was Alabama. In past years they used to display the Confederate flag on album covers, so someone on the DC Ferguson list called them out as a white supremacist band playing the official concert.


Video of the pot parade on the Mall(2 min 15 sec)

Red arrow points to cop with assault rifle at checkpoint march had to pass through to reach the concert

Another cop with an M-16/M-4 at the "Freedom Fence"

These Humvees are from the military police

Pot parade passes fence, troops, checkpoint
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