Global Climate March takes streets as cherry blossoms open in November

On the 29th of November, the Global Climate March took to the streets of DC in solidarity with hard-pressed climate activists in Paris. There, the COP 21 climate change summmit starts on Nov 30, the 16th anniversary of the Battle of Seattle. Using the Nov 13 terrorist attacks as an excuse, the French police have banned all protest there. Activists deployed anyway in defiance of this ban, and on Nov 29 French police fired tear gas at them. Here in DC, as protesters marched past the Mall, cherry blossoms were opening out of season, underscoring the urgency of dealing with climate chaos. This has been the warmest year on average ever recorded by modern science.

Video of DC's Global Climate March

Youtube video (Telegraph)of police firing tear gas at protesters in Paris The Telegraph claims protesters returned fire with "projectiles" but their published video does not show any stone throwing.

Sky News Youtube video of police attack on protesters in Paris, longer view. In some places riot police can be seen retreating even though they have been blasting away with protesters with chemical weapons. This raises the possiblity that protesters in that area had managed to gain the upper hand and force them back. In the first video masked anarchist protesters are visible, they can provide stout reinforcements for protesters under fire, especially in Europe where anarchists there are far better trained and equipped than most of their comrades here on Turtle Island. Certainly someone gave those armored riot cops a good enough reason to back up.

Some cherry trees have open blossoms as the Global Climate March passes in the background-in November

The march sets out from the White House

Passing the United States Trade Representative's office, home of the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership

Marching against climate chaos as cherry blossoms pop in November
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