Lacy's reportback from police attack on French COP21 protest

On the 29th and 30th of November, DC area activist Lacy Macauley was on the front lines in Paris as climate activists defied the government's protest ban. She reports that police in riot gear advanced on and beat seated protesters, kettled the protest, and made numerous arrests-only to suddenly lose interest in further arrests.

Lacy's video of cops clubbing seated protesters in Paris

Lacy's video of police attack that accelerated to a running charge with shields,

this incident led to protesters with their hands up being beaten by police.

Update 12-1 9M DC time: ABC News Report of 24 activists placed under pre-emptive house arrest,

French government cites they had stated they would defy the "state of emergency." It will be interesting to see how many of them also defy the house arrest. Hopefully all of them, if activists respond with escalation this won't be tried again.

Update 12-1 2PM DC time:Lacy's Twitter posts are still coming, indicating she is still free and able to post. No reports of further arrests

As of 7PM Paris time on Mon, Nov 30, Lacy is free and doing OK, reporting back from a workshop on "effective communication on climate." This after cops had previously tried to grab her but given up. She was among the last to exit the kettled area after cops gave up on arrests. The cops surrounded protesters and beat some of them after at least five volleys of tear gas had been fired. Mainstream news reports indicated about 200 arrests, Lacy reports at least 1,000 protesters were present, possibly more than the Paris cops could process.

Here's is the timeline of Lacy's reports over Twitter from Paris:

Workshop on telling better stories as means of effective communication on climate, @PlaceToBcop21.(photo from event)

Improv workshop for bloggers, journalists, creatives, to help with climate coverage. 3 PM today at @PlaceToBcop21.

Protesters arrested yesterday from #COP21 #MarcheClimat protest trap zone included people of all sorts, were snatched totally randomly.

Police yesterday pulled, tried to arrest me from entrapment zone. I wasn't to allowed leave. Luckily he lost interest.

Of the 208 people arrested yesterday at #COP21 #MarcheClimate, some were simply standing in protester entrapment zone, not allowed to leave.

208 people were arrested yesterday at Paris #COP21 #Marcheclimat. Police randomly grabbed people for arrest many times who they had trapped.

Improv workshop for bloggers, journalists, creatives, to help with climate coverage. 3 PM today at @PlaceToBcop21.

Instead of asking them to move, or arresting them, or any other action, police used their clubs. Shocking.

VIDEO (above in this article). Police advance on peaceful seated protesters, beat them with clubs. #COP21 #Marcheclimat

The police suddenly decided to advance again, without warning. These nonviolent protesters remained seated.

Police had already advanced a lot through Place de la Republique, but had been stationary for a while.

At the time this video was taken, these young people had been seated for several minutes.

"Let's get to work," concludes Obama at #COP21 speech. Yes, activists, let's get to work!

"Hundred of billions of dollars" are ready for climate finance, says Obama. So why is the $100 bil target still unmet?

Obama supports transparent way to "give confidence on meeting targets" but still doesn't support binding commitment?

Now watching President Obama #COP21 speech from @PlaceToBcop21.

I clarified exactly how far to be from station. Was pointed to curbside line. Fun times! Le Bourget station

Funny moments at Le Bourget train station, near #COP21. I tried to snap a few photos, was p> Road blocks here in Le Bourget, Paris keep #COP21 leaders safely away from us. Now will they take meaningful action?

Heavy police scene on streets in Le Bourget, France, where #COP21 is just beginning. Feels tense.

Many think we need to commit to #1point5toStayAlive. Current commitments by nations at a dangerous 3°C.

Will this really be the "new era of climate ambition" promised by Christiana Figueres, UN climate chief? Many say not.

Obama, leaders arrive in Paris for #COP21. But what has been proposed so far would still warm planet up to a devastating 3°C.

No tear gas, police, or protest bans will stop the wild dream for a better world. Under the cobblestones, THE BEACH.

NOV 29:

At some point police stopped arresting people zone, just let people walk, though that wasn't visible from inside.

I was among last to leave the Paris protester entrapment zone, so all are now either free or in jail.

"I feel bad that so many were arrested," says one young French protester from entrapment zone, now walking free.

REMAINING PROTESTERS FREE (including me). One French protester: "I guess they felt like they had arrested enough."

CORRECTION. So. Most of the remaining protesters, myself included, were allowed to walk free. Many of us were confused....

Loud explosion on one side of group, outside protester entrapment zone. Sounded a bit like more tear gas??

People now lining up for arrest as police have made it clear that all they've trapped will go.

So, it seems unavoidable I'll be arrested for caring about the planet, not letting terrorists prevail. Wish me luck!

Just to be clear, this arrest group includes many who were not marching and some who were not protesting.

Sadly, it seems that police do intend to arrest everyone they have trapped in Paris protest zone.

Police make announcement, saying that they don't want to be here all night, so go nicely.

Police strangely advance into center of protest, as if to cut area in two sections

Police officer just tried to randomly grab me, then lost heart.

Police are just randomly grabbing and arresting people from trapped protesters. We link arms.

Police storm into crowd to make three more arrests. Snatch/grab. Crowd chants "Solidaritie!"

Scenes from street jail. Trapped protesters in distress, chatting, entertaining themselves.

Trapped protesters have no way to use bathroom, get food or water, and we are very cold.

Reality for many trapped protesters is distress, despite dancing, efforts to keep spirits up.

Many trapped protesters dancing to stay warm, making the most of the moment.

Good Parisian neighbor hands glass of water to a trapped protester who climbed up to window.

VIDEO of trapped protesters. Police stand menacingly nearby.

"Libertie!" is once again the cry from a lot of activists trapped in tiny corner.

Police once again push into crowd, make arrests.

We are still badly kettled and trapped.

Police pulling people from linked arm lines. We are trapped and some violently arrested.

Police have now pushed us unto even smaller space, violently.

Police inexplicably running into crowd now, arresting some people, hunt and peck.

Man from Basque just wanted to leave this message with shoes, now trapped in protest zone.


Protesters entertain themselves. We are all trapped in protest area.

Protesters trapped. Protest area is completely closed. No one is allowed to leave.

Strange scene continues as police stare silently at peaceful protesters.

Police advance on peaceful seated protesters, beat them with clubs.

Young people peacefully sit in front of police line.

Strange scene as police push us in increments from Place de la Republique.

Police keep pushing. Tear gas clouds wash over memorial.

Police are stomping memorial, pushing peaceful protesters out of park.

Police lines now stand very menacingly close to peaceful protesters.

Protesters circle the memorial to protect it from police etc.

Police now bafflingly standing in middle of crowd.

Police push, beat protesters with their hands up.

New volleys.

At least a thousand here.

More tear gas volleys, loud explosions no doubt traumatizing a city rattled by terrorism.

More tear gas. Basically everyone coughing, sneezing.

Police standoff is all happening within about 30 m from memorial to Paris dead from terrorism.

Police helicopter overhead.

Another round. Protesters yell "Libertad!"

The really amazing thing here is that after each round of tear gas, protesters keep going.

Cops club seated protesters in Paris
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