Big Brother in Chief

Bug swatters for all those NSA listening devices (not big enough to be drone swatters)


Freepers call out Obama for lying-but this is also appropriate for Obama's only pushing to raise the mimumim wage to $10.10 an hour, thus short-circuiting living wage campaigns. Will Obama give you fries with your $10.10 an hour?

The inbound Mayday march

Nine racists. The bicycle fence barricade is below the sight line of this photo


The "troll supremacy" banner used to keep a drunk racist out of people's faces

Sisi's bloody hands on display at the US Dept of State

At the vehicle barricades


Code Pink gets as close to the State Dept's front door as I have seen anyone get in a protest

photo by "Harris from the Post" DC Media Group coverage

Corporate contractors in a Round Dance with the Yes Men and Native American activists

Yes, that's Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers inside a DHS event, in the round dance with all those contractors


One of the Yes Men presentation slides

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