The November Bike Party crossing the bridge over Rock Creek above Adams-Morgan

A rider on a tricycle near the start. Rollerbladers too as well as cyclists participate


Riding "Under the Arch"

Banner is in the red circle. Looks small because this is shot from other side of the stadium

This is how you do a banner hang in a football stadium

Jeering Netanyahu's motorcade

Protesters up close to the Center for American "Progress" before the motorcade got close and cops demanded they cross the street or face arrest.

Meeting with the manager of an Ave hardware store in DC

Outside True value


Outside ACE hardware

The "Costume Party" outside the neo-Nazi NPI convention at National Press Club

Cops arrest an activist of color at the request of the KKK's former lawyer


The man on the right is Sam Dixon, former KKK attorney also known for using tax liens to bully people of color out of their homes. According to Twitter accounts, police arrested Sima for wearing a mask at his direct request.

The intersection of 16th and H completely blocked by "Our Generation Our Choice"

The Palestine protest in front of the White House against Netanyahu's visit to beg for more US aid


Our Generation Our Choice marching to the blockade


The combined protests marching on K st instead of expensive cars full of corporate lobbyists

An attendee at the neo-Nazi "National Policy Institute" convention being sprayed with Silly String by anti-racist protesters

One of NPI's neo-Nazi attendees smoking by the no-smoking sign. The security guard at left did nothing about it

The victory celebration on front of the White House on the evening after the Keystone XL permit was formally rejected.