Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

Walkway to checkpoint tent with protesters in it


Protesters at the entrance to the buiilding


The overall scene outside the World Bank


The march on the way to the World Bank

Wisconsin and M st shut down to protest the shooting of Michael Brown-and at least 20 police shootings in DC

Marching between lines of cars

Offering a drink of fracked well water to an EPA official

DHS cops from the Metro bag search checkpoint that was withdrawn moments after the protest ended.


Don't frack on me!


That's a frack of a lot of cops outside EPA's doors!

Code Pink pulling back from the White House after repeated demands from Secret Service

It was this protest on the sidewalk opposite the White House (not even the street) that Code Pink speakers said they suspected of triggering a "request" from the Israeli PM to "get rid of those protesters"


This is how far back Code Pink was pushed

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"O'Malley" gettting the golden pillow for sleeping on the job of protecting Calvert County from Dominion Resources's proposal to export fracked gas out of Cove Point on the Bay.

Activists facing the wealthy crowd entering O'Malley's event, an old Coast Guard cutter, now a museum ship in the background at the Inner Harbor


This got loud while O'Malley was getting that undeserved award!