Pro-choice activists block antiabortion march

On the 22nd of January, pro-choice activsts gathered at noon at the US Supreme Court. They got there ahead of the incoming anti-choice march that harasses the Supreme Court every year on the anniversary of Roe Vs Wade. With the incoming snow one online posting advised people "2' to 3' of snow-wear the tall boots." Perhaps the antichoice marchers could take that one step farther and wear jackboots? When they arrived at the Supreme Court, militant pro-choice activists got into the street and blocked the march

These blockades have happened before, notably last year and they were common in 1990's when pitched confrontations and swirling fights at the Supreme Court were the order of the day. They don't hold long but the message is loud and clear every time-anti women bigotry is not welcome in this town.

After facing a blizzard of opposition in the streets, the antichoice marchers also had to contend with a blizzard of snow. Their videos show snow falling on them as they march past the court. By the time it ended, three feet of snow had fallen in many places. A week's worth of hotel bills could well be the price for daring to march against the right of women to decide their own fate free of church and state interference.

Earlier in the day, anti-choice extremists showed up in front of Planned Parenthood's under construction new facility in DC. Their website claimed hundreds were present but their posted photographs showed only dozens. Perhaps they feared being there for a week instead of an hour with the blizzard coming in? With antichoice terrorists having killed nearly a dozen people in recent years, Planned Parenthood will surely invest in state of the art security to defend themselves when their new dedicated location opens to the public. Meanwhile, the command and control infrastructure for these terrorists is finding they cannot march in DC without encountering oppostion.

Video-blockading anti-choice march

Blockading anti-choice bigots at the Supreme Court.

A small number of anti-choicers harass Planned Parenthood's new, under construction DC location

Photo by NYC Revolution Club

Blocking the anti-choice parade at the Supreme Court
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