Blizzard report: Bikes can get out where cars cannot

On the 25th of January, many residents in MD were still unable to reach the main roads using their cars. Side streets were not plowed, only packed down by passing SUV's. While cars often could not get out using their tracks, bicycles could, and once the main roads were reached could be ridden almost as in normal conditions. Politicians like Muriel Bowser are still asking people to stay home. They can no doubt summon the National Guard to bring them food by Humvee if they run out, so it's easy for them to demand others stay off the roads.

In DC there are already reports of cars being towed for illegal parking. What's next from Muriel Bowser-an army of ticket-writing cops to ensure all the elders have shoveled their sidewalks? In many suburban MD communities residents voted NO on construction of any sidewalks because of the existance of sidewalk shoveling fines.

Video of Ga Ave two days after the snow stopped falling shot from a bike saddle

A show shovel compared to the height of the snow late on Saturday while more was still coming down.

Ga Ave on Monday south of Olney. Road is passable but many cannot reach it by car. Little traffic though so bikes can be ridden here.

Biking 2 days after the snow stopped
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