Police knocking on activist doors in Cleveland before the RNC-two can play at that game

In the wake of court decisions that struck down a huge "no protest" zone around the Cleveland Republican National Convention, cops are now knocking on doors at activists houses in what they call a "community outreach" program. Obviously the real message is "we know where you live and will raid you if anything bad happens during the RNC." These cops need to understand that payback is a game two can play. Perhaps they should talk to DC cops and especially former protest cop Capt Harold about what can happen when protesters are mistreated. They should then remember that DC activists were not using the full range of tactics used by activists elsewhere when they retaliated for things like mock mass arrests or warrants. Cleveland has a much more powerful and aggressive activist presence than DC, police should think twice before infuriating a huge beehive into an all-out swarm. Even more so than protest organizers, upscale businesses that invite conventions and their executives have names and addresses. They scream about even the most sweet and mild-mannered protest activity at their homes. So do government officials, to the point that people serving dinner outside the home of the chairman of FERC (over gas pipeline permits) were slandered as "extremists" on the Senate floor. Both the chairman of FERC and his wife have been avoiding their neighbors since protests began at their home. These officials and these executives are the soft underbelly of the police state that is now blustering threats at organizers for daring to stand against the gutter racism and Islamophobia of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Maybe protest organizers need to knock on some doors in an "outreach" program of their own. If business owners call that "intimidation" it can be used as evidence that police are doing the same. https://www.rt.com/usa/348054-fbi-cleveland-activists-rnc/

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