Slutwalk DC protests blaming victims for rape and sexual assault

In early 2011, a Toronto cop told a woman that had been raped that she was a "slut" and was responsible for being raped. Worst of all, he did this by saying in a public forum after the attack that women "should not dress like sluts" if they don't want to be raped on the street. IIn response to this outrage was born the Slutwalks, protests in many cities against blaming and shaming victims of sexual assault on the basis of appearance or dress.
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Hundreds of marchers, maybe a thousand, marched from the White House to the Washington Monument. The march was mostly women with some men as well-and one counterprotester with a sign who called the marchers sluts and said they should be raped. At least he did not stay around after making one harassing pass only.

One message of the march were that dress is neither solicitation for nor consent to sex. Another message was that anyone who is raped should blow the whistle if they can, because rape is what rapists do and will continue to do until they are stopped. One chant of the march was "Yes means fuck me, no means fuck you!" The march is one of the very few effective anti-rape protests that is also sex-positive, emphasising consent and self-ownership.

There are entirely too many men who think that minimal dress is intended as a sexual soliciation. I've got news for them: That would be too likely to be missed to be a useful way of communicating interest in someone and asking if that interest is shared! Even worse is those who think that not only can a person's dress be a sexual solicitation, but that that is an open invitation to any and all.